Watch BBC Wimbledon Abroad 2019 – BBC iPlayer VPN

For tennis fans,  especially UK ones then this is a special time of the year – it’s Wimbledon.  The oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world and in 2019 it’s even managed to arrive after a (fairly brief) British heatwave which is unusual.

BBC Wimbledon on iPlayer Abroad

Unless you’re lucky enough to have tickets,  the BBC Wimbledon coverage is by far the best option, all of the tournament is covered over two or three of the main BBC channels.  Of course, this is also streamed online and you can watch it either directly from the web site on your PC, laptop or tablet or use the BBC iPlayer application to access the coverage.

How to Watch BBC Wimbledon Abroad in 2019 using iPlayer

Unfortunately if you happen to be outside the UK, this isn’t going to work – if you try and access the BBC website you’ll get redirected to the international version which doesn’t support the Wimbledon live streaming or any of the BBC iPlayer functionality.  The website checks your location when you connect and determines if you can watch or not.

Anyway there is a solution so if you want to watch Wimbledon live streaming and you’re not currently in the UK then watch this video which shows you how to watch the BBC News Live, it works in exactly the same way –

Basically all you need to do is use Identity Cloaker to hide your real location and you can watch all the BBC streaming services including BBC iPlayer. It’s fast, safe and works perfectly every single time – if you’re just wanting Wimbledon the 10 day trial is very inexpensive, will cover the majority of the tournament and can be easily extended .

The software also allows you access to whole network of servers across the world, so you can even keep up to date with other sporting events across the world. There’s some great tennis coverage on the US channels as well, so simply switch to a US server if you prefer American coverage to the BBC. Although the video demonstration takes place on a PC/Laptop you can also stream directly from other devices like tablets, Macs and smart phones just download the guides that are available in the members area after you’ve signed up – although this page explains how it works.

The Ultimate Watch UK TV Abroad App

The ability to be able to control the location of your IP address is becoming increasingly valuable.  For example being able to switch to a UK address irrespective of your location means that all the UK online TV stations become instantly available – ITV Hub, Channels 4 and 5 plus lots of other UK only sites like Sky and Now TV.  What’s more it’s not limited to the UK, if you choose a program like Identity Cloaker which doesn’t limit bandwidth or access to servers then you can also enjoy online TV channels from places like the US, Canada, France Germany and dozens of others.

You can find the short trial on the following link to see how well it works for you – Identity Cloaker 10 Day Trial, there’s no automatic recurring subscriptions or being locked in to some longer deals like many providers.

There are two crucial points about Identity Cloaker that put it above the other VPN services available particularly for being able to watch BBC Wimbledon abroad. Firstly, it works perfectly with the BBC and BBC iPlayer archives, whereas many of the VPN companies are blocked and blacklisted and won’t work for long or at all with the BBC. It’s important to choose a low profile, security focused VPN with lots of British servers to get the best access to the sites.

Secondly is a simple one – speed, sure there are some slightly cheaper VPN programs but the cheaper prices come with overloaded servers and lots of disconnects.  There’s nothing more frustrating than watching online TV particularly sport like tennis with lag or constant buffering.  The BBC iPlayer app can be especially unforgiving with slow internet connections too.  You will find other VPN services which promise the ability to watch UK TV abroad many of them with much fancier websites, but you won’t find one faster and more reliable than Identity Cloaker who even have specialised trained staff to support BBC remote users !

Give them a try, you won’t regret it – Identity Cloaker Ten Day Trial.

Although remember the trial is 10 days long so you’ll need to be on day 4 to watch the BBC Wimbledon finals on the last weekend or extend the subscription.  However if you want to extend use the code 3E9E264B which will give you 15% off any of the normal subscription plans.

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    • Yes Louise, use BBC iPlayer for already broadcast things and use the TV link for watching any of the channels live. If you just want Wimbledon just get the trial as it only costs a few Euros and lasts for ten days – it will then just expire there’s no contract or anything.


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