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Last Updated on March 19, 2024

Unearth The Charm of the Award Winning – “The Detectorists”

Welcome to the World of Eccentric Hobbyists

Welcome, treasure seekers, to the tranquil yet captivating world of “The Detectorists”. Here, two seemingly ordinary metal detector enthusiasts transform ploughed tracks and open fields into thrilling expeditions for lost fortunes.  If you can’t find it online it’s on the UK version of Netflix and the BBC iPlayer which is you can watch for free with a VPN like NordVPN to change your location to the UK.

Not only is it a wonderful TV series but has one of the most beautiful theme songs – if you don’t watch the show at least listen to ‘Waiting for You’ by Johnny Flynn below.

Discover What Makes “The Detectorists” a Hidden Gem

“The Detectorists” is not your average comedy. Its brilliance lies in the beautifully slow-paced storytelling that digs deep into the lives of endearing characters as they navigate friendship, love, and their quest for hidden treasures. Imagine spending a leisurely day unfurling the mysteries of life alongside them. This show is television’s equivalent of a gentle walk in the countryside, where every step can lead to a small, unexpected delight.

Dive Into the Series

Explore the Episodes That Captivated Audiences

Delve into the episodes of “The Detectorists” and you will find a collection of charming storylines that resonate with warmth. Beyond the narrative of each episode, it’s the growth and rapport between characters over time that truly captivates. Watch as the seemingly mundane is woven into comedic and heartfelt moments, making each episode a cherished find in itself.

Episodes of the Detectorists

Detectorists is a British television comedy series that was first broadcast on BBC Four on 2 October 2014. The series is written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, who also stars alongside Toby Jones.

Series 1 (2014):

1. “Episode 1” (2nd October 2014)
2. “Episode 2” (9th October 2014)
3. “Episode 3” (16th October 2014)
4. “Episode 4” (23rd October 2014)
5. “Episode 5” (30th October 2014)
6. “Episode 6” (6th November 2014)

Series 2 (2015):

1. “Episode 1” (29th October 2015)
2. “Episode 2” (5th November 2015)
3. “Episode 3” (12th November 2015)
4. “Episode 4” (19th November 2015)
5. “Episode 5” (26th November 2015)
6. “Episode 6” (3rd December 2015)

Christmas Special (2015):

– “Detectorists Christmas Special” (23rd December 2015)

Series 3 (2017):

1. “Episode 1” (8th November 2017)
2. “Episode 2” (15th November 2017)
3. “Episode 3” (22nd November 2017)
4. “Episode 4” (29th November 2017)
5. “Episode 5” (6th December 2017)
6. “Episode 6” (13th December 2017)

Detectorists has a total of 19 episodes over 3 series.

Special Features and Behind-the-Scenes Production Insights

Every fan of “The Detectorists” will revel in the special features and behind-the-scenes insights available on various streaming platforms. From bloopers that will have one chuckling, to thoughtful commentary on the creative process, these extras enrich the viewing experience. Discover the inspiration for the series, the intricacies of scripting humor, and the dedication to authenticity in portraying metal detecting enthusiasts.

Mackenzie Crook: When the series had been announced, but not yet broadcast, I kept an eye on the online metal detecting forums. The hobbyists were nervous. They were worried that they were going to be portrayed as idiots. But I think we won them over and the show is fondly held in the detecting community – something that’s very important to me.

Meet the Quirky Cast of Characters

Top Cast Profiles and Performances

The heart of “The Detectorists” beats to the rhythm of its exceptional cast. Mackenzie Crook, who brings an earnest charm to Andy Stone, and Toby Jones, who embodies the lovable quirkiness of Lance Stater, create an on-screen camaraderie that’s both believable and endearing. Other standout performances include Rachael Stirling as Becky, imparting strength and depth to the series, and the quaintly humorous Gerard Horan as Terry.


Actors and Characters in the Detectorist

Actors and their corresponding characters in “Detectorists” are:

1. Mackenzie Crook as Andy Stone
2. Toby Jones as Lance Stater
3. Rachael Stirling as Becky
4. Lucy Benjamin as Maggie
5. Adam Riches as Tony
6. Gerard Horan as Terry
7. Sophie Thompson as Sheila
8. Pearce Quigley as Russell
9. Divian Ladwa as Hugh
10. Laura Checkley as Varde
11. Simon Farnaby as Art
12. Orion Ben as Louise
13. Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Sophie
14. David Sterne as Larry Bishop
15. Paul Casar as Paul
16. Daniel Donskoy as Peter
17. Diana Rigg as Veronica.

Exclusive Interviews with the Talents Behind the Scenes

For fans seeking a deeper connection with the series, dive into the treasure trove of exclusive interviews with the talents behind “The Detectorists”. Uncover personal anecdotes, the cast’s thoughts on their characters, and the camaraderie that developed off-screen. These interviews give you a backstage pass to the creative minds that shaped this quietly brilliant show.

Accolades and Recognition

Awards and Nominations Showcasing Excellence

“The Detectorists” has not only captured the hearts of viewers but also the respect of critics, reflected in its string of accolades. Its recognition includes a BAFTA Television Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme, won by Toby Jones in 2018 and a nomination in the same category in 2016, as well as the prize for Best Scripted Comedy in 2015. These awards are testaments to the series’ outstanding quality and the talent that brings it to life.


Critical Acclaim and Audience Reviews

The critical acclaim for “The Detectorists” is undeniable, with many praising its subtle humor and character-driven storytelling. Critics have lauded the series for its plaintive charm and the picturesque English countryside setting that serves as a soothing backdrop. Viewers, too, have left glowing reviews, often highlighting the show’s ability to find beauty and laughter in life’s simplicity.

Your Viewing Guide to “The Detectorists

Where to Stream the Detectorists

You can join the delightful world of “The Detectorists” with ease, as the series is available to stream across various platforms. Internationally, it premiered in Australia on BBC First and in the United States on Acorn TV. For those wondering about accessibility, multiple streaming services offer all three seasons in HD — ensuring you can enjoy the series in the best quality available

At the moment depending on where you are based the best places to watch all the series of the Detectorists are online.   You can watch on some locale’s of Netflix – they are certainly on the UK versions – check your account and see if it’s available.

The entire series is also on the wonderful BBC iPlayer, which you can watch in the UK or for free using a VPN anywhere outside the world.

How to Catch Up on Missed Episodes and Seasons

Missed out on earlier treasures? Not to worry! Getting up to speed with “The Detectorists” is a breeze, whether it’s your first dig or you’re revisiting the finds. Choose a cozy evening and a favorite streaming service that hosts the series, and you can watch from the very beginning or pick up where you left off. Each episode is a standalone gem, so jumping in at any point is just as rewarding.


How Can I Start Watching “The Detectorists”?

To start watching “The Detectorists,” choose your preferred streaming service from those offering the show, such as Hoopla, Acorn TV, The Roku Channel, or Amazon Video. Sign up or log in, search for the series, and begin your journey with Andy and Lance as they pursue their dreams with metal detectors in hand.

Are There Any Special Episodes or Bonus Content Available?

Yes, in addition to the regular episodes, “The Detectorists” offers a treasure of special episodes and bonus content. The highlight is a 75-minute Christmas special that aired on BBC Two, offering more depth and festive charm to the series. This content, along with various behind-the-scenes features, is available on selected streaming platforms, providing an extended experience of the show.


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