Watching UK TV Online

Some of the best broadcasting in the world can be found on UK TV – BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and many other stations. It is often one of the first things Expats or people who move from  the UK miss first.   All of these channels are available over the internet, however they are restricted to people based in the UK fortunately now anyone can watch UK TV Online, no matter where you live.

So how come we can’t all watch UK TV over the internet already ?

Well the answer is that many TV Media companies including all the UK ones have blocked access to their programmes from outside the UK.  They use a technology called geolocation which blocks access to any computer not within the UK.   This works by comparing your IP address with a central list of where that IP address is located.  If you’re registered in the wrong place (i.e. outside the UK) then you get blocked.

But fear not, of course this is the internet where these things are always sidestepped neatly and without fuss.  You still can watch UK TV outside the UK or in fact anywhere in the world merely by disguising your IP address –

How to Watch BBC IPlayer Abroad

There are many companies selling user configurable VPNs, proxies and other methods for getting access to UK TV online. But if you just want a simple, reliable and straight forward way to watch BBC Iplayer, ITV and Channel4 from anywhere in the world or perhaps change Netflix to the US version then Identity Cloaker is the software you need.

Try the trial out here to see how easily it works.
Identity Cloaker 10 Day Trial

The Key benefits of using Identity Cloaker are as follows –

  • Fast Network of Servers Across the World – Speed is essential when your watching TV online. Slow servers mean lots more buffering.
  • Surf Incognito – Identity Cloaker does not directly market itself as a service for watching British TV. Many services which promote themselves like this eventually get targeted by the legal departments of the BBC and others. The result – they normally disappear taking your subscription with it!
  • Cost – although Identity Cloaker is much faster and more sophisticated than the Watch UK TV services – it actually is one of the lowest in cost.

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