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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

The Planets BBC Watch Online

If you like science, Space, Science Fiction or perhaps just Professor Brian Cox then there’s a great new programme that’s just started on the BBC. It’s called The Planets and it tells the history of the planets in our solar system.

bbc the planets 2023 watch online

The story is of course fascinating and beautifully told by the professor. However I must admit it’s the stunning CGI graphics and real footage from various probes that really blows you away. Here’s the trailer which will perhaps give you more of an insight into what the program is about.

Here’s Why You Should Watch the Planets BBC 2023

The first episode which I’ve just watched covered the four ‘rocky’ planets closest to the Sun – Mars, Mercury, Earth and Venus. It’s basically a history program which tells the story of how the planets were created and it is indeed explained in some detail.

The programme has been developed in conjunction with the Open University and to be honest it shows – it’s a mixture of great TV and a scientific documentary. There’s lots of interesting tales within the first show, including the expected fate of our own planet Earth.

Watch the Planets BBC 2019

One of the aspects that does show up well is how well researched and up to date the programme is. There’s lots on the very latest theories and interviews and excerpts from scientists working at the cutting edge of space exploration.

There’s only five episodes but if the first one is anything to go by, then it’s one to put on you must watch list. The graphics and special effects are incredible actively portraying the beauty and violence of some of these stellar events. Some scenes were so spectacular I just wanted to rush out and get a brand-new ultra HD TT in order to truly appreciate the spectacle.

Honestly even if you have only a passing interest in space and the planets then give this show a chance.  It’s beautifully made, very accessible to all of us non-scientific people and simply enjoyable to watch.  Its last episode should be around the end of June but will be on BBC iPlayer for a few months after.

If you’re not in the UK then it’s a very good reason for investing in an inexpensive VPN so you can enjoy the incredible quality in this program.  Honestly, Watch the Planets BBC 2023 and you won’t be disappointed.  Be careful though, many of these services are automatically blocked by the BBC and simply don’t work.   Primarily because they overload their servers and there are too many concurrent connections (literally thousands of people using the same IP addresses).  There are plenty that do work, but they are mostly the security-based products with large networks. They are slightly more expensive than the super cheap options but they’re still only a few dollars a month and more importantly they work.

Here’s our recommendation, which is fast enough to stream and to do this beautiful programme some justice.

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Currently BBC The Planets 2022 Watch Online until about December 2023, so you’ve got plenty of time to watch.



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