Can You Watch ITV Hub in Spain in 2021? – Well find out the Truth Here

Can You watch ITV Hub in Spain? – Find Out Here

All the best UK TV channels including BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are available online. Many of us watch all our TV like this now, just log in and watch live or catch up with shows you’ve missed from their ‘on demand section’. Unfortunately all this only works in the UK, yet using a certain method you can watch ITV Hub in Spain or anywhere in the world.

What is ITV Hub?

It’s a UK TV streaming service that gives you access to over 40 channels without any sort of contract.

If you want to watch ITV online, please visit the ITV Hub website for more information. It’s a cracking site where you can watch all the ITV channels live plus watch anything you’ve missed for a certain period too. It’s got some great programmes and is especially good if you enjoy Tv crime and detective dramas. Of course many people enjoy the famous stuff too, like the world’s longest running TV soap – Coronation Street.

watch ITV Hub in Spain

ITV live streams are available free to viewers who have an IP address in the UK. Although at the time of writing a couple of ITV Hub applications don’t support this live TV feature – the XBOX One app for example. Otherwise ITV is available on a wide range of devices and there are also ways to get the app on TV.

ITV Hub+ is a paid add-on service that allows users to watch ITV abroad without needing to change their IP address (within the EU only), access shows without advertising, and even download programmes for later viewing (iOS devices only). The main benefits of this add-on are now just avoiding the commercial breaks. As the UK has left the EU then the ‘free roaming’ part of the application no longer really works.

Is it possible to Stream ITV Hub in Spain?

Yes it is, but not without some help. If you try and stream ITV Hub from their site or using one of ITV Hub applications you’ll just get an error message if you’re outside the UK. It’s the same from anywhere outside the United Kingdom – the website will check your location and you’ll get an error message like this when you try and stream anything.

Frustrating if you didn’t realise, many expats have been very upset when they discover this for the first time. However if you look around the Costa Del Sol you’ll see thousands of people who seem to have discovered the way to circumvent this. There’s no real magic to this, you can watch ITV and BBC from Spain without issues.  You basically just need to hide your physical location from the website.

What do you need to watch ITV Hub in Spain?

ITV Hub is geo-restricted and you will very probably need a VPN to watch it. This means that the application is restricted by location, which you might think is irrelevant online but it’s not. When you connect to the internet using any sort of device you’re assigned a unique network number call an IP address. This address can be used to locate your physical location by any website that you visit.

ITV Hub like most major media sites checks your location when you login. If it detects that your location is outside the United Kingdom then it will restrict access to all it’s streaming content. They’re not alone, all the other UK Tv stations like BBC iPlayer and All 4 do the same. The exact same thing happen with US sites, or German, or Australian or French. Generally most media sites of any size will only work for their domestic markets and as soon as you travel anywhere else you’ll be blocked.

ITV Hub is geo-restricted to the UK

So how do we get passed this? Well it’s actually quite simple and there’s a method that literally millions of people use every single day. IT’s called a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and is a simple way that anyone can protect their privacy and hide their location while using the internet.

The VPN consists of an encrypted tunnel between your client device and a VPN server. This server then relays your connection to the target website, thereby hiding your location completely. It sounds very technical, but isn’t really and the new generation of VPN services make it incredibly simple.

Just watch this person using a VPN to watch the ITV Hub.

That’s how simple it is, ITV sees the IP address of the VPN server instead of your real one.  All the UK TV stations will work fine when you’re connected as long as you choose a UK based server.  the one in the video is called NordVPN and you can see their offers here.   Make sure you read the note below about the UK TV servers if you do choose NordVPN.

Can I use a VPN to watch UK TV in Spain

So obviously the answer is yes ! However if you’re trying to watch ITV and BBC in particular you will have to be careful about which VPN service you choose. The problem is that in recent years both the BBC and ITV have clamped down on this little workaround and have blocked the IP addresses of many VPN servers. The result is that many commercial VPN programs won’t work when you try them to watch TV.

The media companies employ various techniques to try and spot the VPN connections. Not all of them are effective though and the truth is that a VPN can avoid these bans if it tries hard enough. Some don’t bother though and you have to make sure that the VPN you choose works with ITV Hub and which channels you want to enjoy online.  Just remember to input a UK postcode for the BBC when they ask as well.

For example we’ve been using NordVPN for the last couple of years and it’s worked perfectly apart from one short period about 12 months ago for about 3 days. Normally though NordVPN rotate their servers and IP addresses and limit the number of connections. They do this on a particular set of servers though so make sure you use these when you connect.

NordVPN BBC and ITV Servers

Most of the biggest VPN providers have hundreds of UK servers as it’s a big market. However NordVPN are slightly different in that they have some servers which they specifically monitor to maintain access to British media sites. It’s all quite low key so don’t expect big announcements online or on their websites.

These are the servers you should use for any UK television access from outside Britain. They’re specifically designed for BBC iPlayer access but they work great if you want to watch ITV Hub in Spain too !

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