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Looking for a Euro VPN Service

For anyone who spends any amount of time online and travelling there’s one tool you should never be without – a VPN service. A VPN is short for virtual Private network and although it sounds a little bit technical and geeky, the reality is that it is pretty much essential for life online. There are […]

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BBC Live Stream Wimbledon Abroad – BBC iPlayer VPN

For tennis fans,  especially UK ones then this is a special time of the year – it’s Wimbledon.  The oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world and in 2017 it’s even managed to arrive after a (fairly brief) British heatwave which is unusual. Unless you’re lucky enough to have tickets,  the BBC Wimbledon […]

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Watch BBC TV Abroad

There is some confusion about how you can watch BBC TV abroad, so in this article we’ll attempt to summarise the current situation. First of all it is possible in 2017 to be able to watch both the BBC iPlayer and the live stream of BBC programmes online. For the last few years, the BBC […]

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How to Download Videos from BBC iPlayer Abroad

The BBC iPlayer has a fantastic feature which sometimes people forget about – the ability to download iPlayer abroad that is save videos from BBC iPlayer onto any device which is able to store them. So for instance you can easily download a load of programmes onto the hard disk of your laptop and watch […]

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Watching BBC Olympic Coverage Abroad

The 2016 Olympic games have started, so for all sports fans it can be kind of frustrating to find yourself somewhere with poor coverage or worse in a language you don’t understand.    So this brief post is for those who may be lucky enough to find themselves in a sunny place but are missing […]

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BBC VPN Block is Real

For many years although the BBC is technically unavailable outside the UK, people have indeed been watching it on their phones, tablets, PCs and laptops from all over the world. Like many of the large media firms the BBC have blocked access to their content on the iPlayer and main BBC site based on their […]

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Why Not Use Free Proxies for Watching UK TV

Whenever I put up a post about using proxies for watching British Television like the BBC, I nearly always get a load of comments asking about a free method.   Now it is true that you can find a lot of free proxies online, in fact there are literally thousands popping up every day – […]

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Easy Way to Watch British TV Abroad

All the major UK TV stations broadcast online, including BBC, ITV, Sky and Channels 4 and 5. Unfortunately although you can watch these from the UK, they are normally inaccessible outside Britain. The reason you can’t watch the BBC Iplayer and all the other channels abroad is due to your IP address. It’s something most […]

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