VPN Special Offers – IPVanish Three Month Deal

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Just been told that there’s a great offer on one of the oldest VPN services around. IPVanish was one of the very first commercial VPN programs and has always received good reviews from most people who use it. I used it for several years and only switched because there were some other better deals (for much longer subscription periods though). It’s also supposedly one of the best for access UK TV, with great access to BBC iPlayer, ITV and Channels 4 and 5.

How to Choose VPN Special Offers That Work

There are loads of VPN discounts and offers on most of the time. In fact if you look at the main players you’ll rarely find that there isn’t some special promotion or offer running. You’d certainly never need to pay ‘full price’ for many VPN subscriptions. However following these discount codes around is not always a great idea as many of the lock you in for a long time.

Take for example the NordVPN special discounts, mostly these are run against two and three year subscription terms. They offer by far the lowest monthly rates for a premium VPN service however you’ll have to pay up front for the longer subscriptions to get their deals. Indeed their one month subscriptions are actually expensive in comparison.

Which is why I like this IPVanish deal, as I know it’s a good product but it’s also a decent amount of time to test without being locked in for ages. The importance of testing depends on what your primary requirement is from a VPN. For many people the security that a VPN provides is unimportant, they merely want to access some geo-restricted site. The VPN does this by hiding your real IP address and presenting the ‘false one’ of the VPN server instead. Which means that people can access sites from any location without fear of being blocked. As long as the IP address of the VPN server was in the right country, it really didn’t matter where you happened to be.

Unfortunately nowadays this isn’t always enough and many VPN services get blocked by popular sites like the BBC. Which means that even though the ip address of the VPN server is in the correct location, it’s effectively useless to watch the site as they have all been blocked. Sometimes these blocks are permanent and sometimes they’re only temporary however they can have a huge effect on a user’s experience trying to stream from these sites online.    Being blocked repeatedly while trying to watch something important like Match of the Day can be very frustrating !

I’m assured that IP Vanish works reliably with BBC iPlayer and all British TV stations.  Certainly on my initial brief testing it does seem to work fine however I have only made initial connections.  I’ve not experienced a block yet though, so the signs are encouraging !!


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