The Wild Isles – BBC’s Latest Nature Masterpiece in 2024

Last Updated on February 3, 2024

BBC iPlayer Wild Isles

Sir David Attenborough, at 96 years old, is presenting a new documentary series on Britain’s wildlife, landscapes, habitats, and natural wonders. Pretty much everyone I know is incredibly excited about this news!

The Wild Isles, BBC’s new nature programme, is a stunning look at the stunning wildlife and habitats of the British Isles. It takes viewers on a journey to some of the most remote and wild parts of the British Isles, from the Scottish Highlands to the rugged coastlines of Ireland and Wales. It also focuses on the human story, as well as the natural history, of these areas and the people who live and work there.

The Wild Isles is narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and follows a team of wildlife experts, naturalists, and photographers on their mission to explore and document the wild beauty of the British Isles. The programme investigates the habitats of a variety of species, from the majestic red deer of Scotland, to the puffins of the Irish coast, to the rare and endangered species of the British countryside.

It goes beyond the surface of the landscape, to explore the history, culture, and local traditions of the people living in these remote areas. It reveals how their unique lifestyles, hunting and gathering skills, and traditions have shaped the land and wildlife of the British Isles.

The Wild Isles is a fascinating look at the British Isles, its wildlife, and the people who call it home. It is sure to be a hit with nature-lovers and those wishing to learn more about the diverse wildlife and habitats of the British Isles.

How Many Episodes of Wild Isles are there?

There are a total of five episodes. The first episode is an introduction to British wildlife. The other four episodes focus on Britain’s four main habitats: woodland, grassland, marine, and freshwater.  The first was broadcast on the 12th March, 2023 and another will appear every seven days.  It’s expected that they will all be available for free on BBC iPlayer for twelve months minimum.

How Many Different UK Species Will We See ?

The series features an incredible 96 different species, some of which are magnificent white-tailed eagles, powerful killer whales, blue fin tuna found off the coast of Cornwall, wild horses battling for access to females in Cambridgeshire, gulls stealing fish from puffins off Northumberland, black grouse and hen harriers courting in the Cairngorms, red deer stags rutting in a wild corner of Ireland, mayfly hatching on a river in Wiltshire, foxes hunting rabbits at night, and even a bee riding a broomstick in Dorset.

How to Watch Wild Isles BBC iPLayer outside UK?

You can watch Match of the day online from outside the UK.  Here’s how it’s done from Italy but it’s the same from anywhere outside the UK.

NordVPN Discount page

You’ll need a free BBC account, if you don’t already have one. Don’t worry about this, just enable your VPN and connect to a UK server first. You’ll be asked for an email address and your Postcode (use any valid UK postcode) and you must say YES when asked if you have a TV license.

It’s quite simple the only difficult part is finding a VPN service that’s not blocked!

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