Great Clip from BBC’s – Seven Worlds, One Planet ( Watch Abroad too)

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

BBC iPlayer Seven Worlds One Planet Stream

If there’s one thing that the BBC does well, it’s documentaries especially when they’re narrated by Sir David Attenborough.  Here’s a fascinating clip from one of the best around at the moment – it’s called Seven Worlds, One Planet and is about to be broadcast on the BBC on Sunday 26th October 2019. The episodes will also be streaming on BBC iPlayer after broadcast. The title refers to the seven continents of the world and has different stories from each one. As mentioned, episode one will be broadcast on the BBC this weekend and then be available on BBC iPlayer for a year.

It’s a brilliant clip with a genuine cliff-hanger ending, you can’t help rooting for the penguin!

It’s basically the idea behind the series to prevent new stories and illustrate the enormous challenges faced by creatures across the continents. If you’ve got a decent internet connection and up to date television, it will also be available on UHD (ultra-high definition) online after each episode has been broadcast. I can only imagine how amazing that will look and I think it’s time for me to invest in a new television set to replace my aging Philips!

Each of the episodes will focus on a different continent and feature a series of ‘animal dramas’ from each one. The first show is focused on the Antarctica which is described as the coldest and windiest continent.

Planet Earth Series – BBC iPlayer

Creating these shows takes an incredible amount of time and effort and perhaps illustrates why the BBC excels. The series took over four years to shoot, that’s nearly 1800 filming days which probably dwarfs the vast majority of TV and many blockbusters too! More than 1500 people were employed to bring us this series and the filming took place in over 41 countries.

The official episode synopsis is as follows –

“Penguin chicks run the gauntlet of orca and leopard seals, colourful starfish and gigantic worms carpet the seabed whilst on the surface – one of the world’s greatest feeding spectacles.”

If you like documentaries and nature programmes, there’s little doubt that it will be world class.  There are hardly any organisations who are able to put these sorts of resources into creating such a documentary.  Plus, the skill and experience of the BBC in creating these programmes is unsurpassed without any doubt whatsoever.

Of course, the BBC is only broadcast in the United Kingdom and the BBC iPlayer is only accessible to those in the UK too.  However, if you want to watch this amazing piece of television from outside the United Kingdom then you just need to use a VPN to hide your location.  It’s simple and easy to use and works for anyone, just click on the Read Now link above or visit this page for more information.

Check Out Other David Attenborough Shows

David Attenborough has lots of wonderful nature programmes and lots of them are available on the BBC iPlayer.  Although he mainly presents the shows from a studio (he is in his 90s), the name always guarantees a world class documentary.  Surprisingly, the BBC doesn’t delete these shows that often from their archive which means you can get access for many years.  THe original Planet Eart series was released in 2006 and you can still stream it free from the iPlayer’s archive here – BBC iPlayer – Planet Earth

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