BBC Iplayer Ireland

It seems crazy, that a few miles over from the British mainland you can’t access watch the BBC online. That’s right, we’re linked in so many ways, but try to watch BBC Iplayer in Ireland and you’ll get a little message like this one.

BBC Without a Proxy

What happens is that when you connect, the BBC web site looks up the IP address that you are connecting with.  So in this case I happen to be in Dublin so the IP address assigned to me is registered in Ireland.  That information means that the BBC will not display any of the stored content on iPlayer and also you can’t stream the live BBC either.  In fact the only part of the site you can see is the Radio section which is nearly all accessible, apart from the local radio stations for some reason. It doesn’t matter who you are or even if you have a UK TV license at home in your house, the decision is based purely on your location.   So is there any option?  What can you do to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK mainland?  Fortunately there are options and here’s one  –

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland

This video demonstrates accessing the BBC from Ireland, the process is exactly the same for any other channel in the UK too such as ITV, Channel 4 and 5 for example. You simply using a proxy server to hide your real IP address and supply the one required – i.e. a British address.

It works seamlessly and after the initial check you can even disconnect the proxy server if you require, although if you want to watch another show then you’ll need to reconnect the proxy again. You can grab the trial here and try it out.

There are also quite a few other services available, one of my other favorites is in this video on Youtube which features a different program called Overplay. It also has a neat little front end, is easy to install and gives you access to a whole host of other servers in different countries too. The UK servers are not quite as fast at the Identity Cloaker ones but they have quite a few different countries too.

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