Easy Way to Watch British TV Abroad

All the major UK TV stations broadcast online, including BBC, ITV, Sky and Channels 4 and 5. Unfortunately although you can watch these from the UK, they are normally inaccessible outside Britain.

The reason you can’t watch the BBC Iplayer and all the other channels abroad is due to your IP address. It’s something most of us find out fairly quickly when we move or travel abroad. What basically happens is that the websites look up your address when you connect and check which country you appear to be in, before allowing access. Anything outside the United Kingdom and you’ll get a polite message informing you it’s not accessible.

So Can I Watch the BBC Outside the United Kingdom?

Fortunately you can and it’s relatively straight forward.

Just to summarize you’re basically connecting to the BBC iPlayer but using a different IP address to allow you access.   The same method works with Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 etc – it’s quick and easy to do.  Unfortunately there is no practical free method to doing this, in theory you can search for free proxy servers but in practice these are so overloaded and riddled with viruses that they very rarely work.

There are lots of services available for hiding your real address and watch British TV – but after trying many of these, here are my two picks.

1) Identity Cloaker – This is the program used in the above video.  It’s a  security program that has been around many years and has a large selection of servers in most European countries, plus USA, Canada, Australia and a few others.  These are useful if you want to watch channels from other countries, or access different version of media sites like Netflix (the US one is much better than the UK one for example).

The technology is much more sophisticated than other sites which are mainly just basic proxy servers.  This has software which allows you to encrypt, switch countries and even speeds up your connection in many cases.   The network of servers are fast, support is responsive and all subscriptions are non-recurring.   A huge advantage is that the ability to watch TV stations is not included on the site anywhere.  This is important, the sites that advertise openly about accessing BBC Iplayer for instance frequently get closed down – taking your subscription with them.

As always – try the short trial first to see if it works for you – .

 2) Overplay – This is my second pick and also represents great value for money.  Like Identity Cloaker, your subscription gives you access to everyone on of their servers.  They have by far the biggest spread geographically with lots of servers in countries all across the planet.  If you just want to watch British TV then these probably aren’t needed but they’re useful to have when surfing the internet and keeping your privacy.

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